Wax Moulding Machines

Refinery Wax products are paraffinic derivates from the separation of Wax from lubricating oil which, once the Wax has been removed, is processed and packed for Engine Oil.  Derived types of Wax include Microcrystalline Wax, Slack Wax and once processed further, these Waxes are used for a number of applications.  Due to the nature of these applications the value of the Wax can be very high; for example Wax used for medical reasons, coating of Dental Floss and in the food industry coating fruit and Boxes in which juices and milk are supplied.   Wax Slabbing equipment typically was made by Greer USA and consisted of a manual process where wax was poured into vertical containers which looked similar to those used in collecting Bee Honey.  This was a labor intensive process and has been superseded by equipment which can be fully automated from the initial feed of hot wax through the cooler, depositors and once cooled slabbed and packed if the option is exercised to use a Packing Line and Robots.  The accuracy is very good with +/- 5 gr per 5kG block.  Multiple Blocks or Slabs can be placed into boxes and these Boxes Palletized making a 1 ton Pallet ready for shipping.  Quality control means the wax is water free and bright.  Examples of these units which are up to five Mechanical Sections  can be found here https://www.armstrong-chemtec.com/products/wax-moulding-plant.html

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