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The Ibex Automated Wax Moulding System with AccuFreeze Technology produces 5 kg slabs of food quality paraffin wax precisely and accurately. The plant produces 485 mm x 300 mm x 45 mm blocks within a ± 25 g range.

  • Fully automated system with capacities of 1.5 tonnes to 7 tonnes per hour
  • Total plant integration
  • Food grade products
  • High accuracy mass flow meters
  • Minimal product change over time


The pre-cooler cools the liquid paraffin from the bulk storage temperature (typically 100 °C) to 5 °C above the melting point. All components in direct contact with the wax are stainless steel.

Wax Moulding Machine

The wax is pumped from the pre-cooler to the automatic wax moulding machine. A highly accurate mass flow control scheme fine-tunes the liquid wax flow into silicone glazed stainless steel pans. The pans pass through the refrigeration system and the solidified blocks are discharged onto a stainless-steel slat conveyor.

Refrigeration System

The versatile refrigeration system can operate with ammonia or another appropriate refrigerant. It can be used with air-cooled, water-cooled, or evaporative condensers, depending on local requirements. The refrigeration system is skid mounted for easy installation.

Automatic Packing Line

Robot equipped lines sleeve, stack, and box the slabs. The boxes are then palletized to a predetermined loading pattern. The full pallets can be stretch film wrapped, labeled, and conveyed to a storage area, ready for shipment. For added reassurance, metal detectors, weight checkers, and printers are also available.