Engineering Studies

The current market requires innovative solutions to new problems, many times this involves replacing legacy technologies with “green” alternatives. Making the jump to a new technology can be risky and is often an expensive undertaking. Paid engineering studies can be used to justify the switch in technology or perform engineering design work for large capital projects prior to placement of an order.

Site Visits and Field Service

By engaging with customers, we enable you to have confidence in our equipment knowing that, if correctly operated and maintained, it will operate as designed. While we undertake on site supervisory work we do not perform the role of a Contractor as we do not physically handle the equipment. Such supervisory duties may include some or all of the following; electrical testing, including Megger and resistance testing and, if required, perform simulated GFI shorts, and other process failures. For steam heated equipment these include low and high liquid level limits and assessment of the quality of both boiler feed water and steam. We have a special Cleaning Tool for our proprietary ethylene vaporizers which have no Tube Sheet. This cleaning tool can be used to remove any build up or polymerization on heat transfer surfaces to restore the heat transfer to original specs. Inspection / Repair work is performed at our Factory where returned equipment can be assessed for damage and recommended repairs which may be carried out at the Customer’s request. After Sales service includes Spare Parts, Scraped Surface HEX Spare Parts and Vaporizer Components such as upper tube bundles, shells or steam chests. Gaskets and special Bolting Sets are available as required. We can also offer Off-site engineering assistance which can be provided either to address start up questions or to perform P&ID or process Reviews, PRV reviews. Please contact us for details of prices for any of the above.