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World Leader in Heat Transfer Engineering Technology and Manufacturing.

Armstrong Chemtec Group is a U.S.-based global technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of process heat transfer equipment. Our mission is to supply the best equipment available by stringent design backed by years of unsurpassed customer service

Our History

Richard M. Armstrong Portrait

After graduating from MIT and serving in World War II, Richard M. Armstrong Sr. founded The Richard M. Armstrong Company (RMACO) in 1946. The company initially operated in West Chester, PA from a barn on a former dairy farm, focusing on manufacturing heat transfer equipment. Eventually, RMACO evolved into Armstrong Engineering Associates, Inc., now a global leader in specialized process heat transfer equipment and systems.

By 1965, the company expanded internationally, establishing Chemtec NV in The Netherlands and Chemtec UK Limited in Scotland. In the mid-1970s, Armstrong founded Chemtec Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

Armstrong’s early and extensive involvement with Heat Transfer Research, Inc. (HTRI) and his commitment to research and development fueled groundbreaking innovations, including vaporizers and double-pipe heat exchangers, scraped surface double-pipe heat exchangers, and, eventually, electric heat exchangers in the 1970s. The 1980 acquisition of California-based HESCO (Heat Engineering and Supply Company) marked the company’s entry into designing and manufacturing explosion-proof electric immersion heaters, radiant furnaces, and impedance heaters, keeping it at the forefront of supercritical fluid heating technology.

In 1998, leadership passed to Armstrong’s sons, A Joseph Armstrong III and Richard M Armstrong Jr. A transformative moment came in 2010 when the employees purchased the company, converting it into an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Today, Armstrong Chemtec Group, with its headquarters in Coatesville, PA, and operations across the USA, Scotland, and Singapore, continues its legacy of innovation and excellence.


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International Manufacturing Capabilities

With manufacturing locations in the United States and Scotland, Armstrong Chemtec Group is able to supply custom heat transfer equipment to clients worldwide.

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Markets Served

Armstrong Chemtec Group has been a leader in the design and manufacture of specialized process heat transfer equipment for more than 75 years. Armstrong Chemtec supplies high performance industrial process equipment for the most critical and hazardous duties in the chemical, petrochemical, and refining industries.


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