When it comes to cryogenic applications, we recognize that different jobs require different tools and solutions. We proudly offer a variety of horizontal direct superheaters and steam-heated vaporizers. If you do not find the information you need below, give our team a call to find out about our full capabilities.

Our team uses unique designs that are proven to eliminate freeze-up problems that are common during boiling and sensible heating applications (temperature as low as -190°C). Many of the devices we’ve created are used in olefin processing that falls into three critical applications:

High-pressure process vaporizers are often used to supplement and replace feed to downstream processing units. This type of vaporizer goes from an idle state to full capacity instantaneously. This speed minimizes feed interruption to downstream users. Cold process fluids typically enter vaporizers under relatively high pressure.

Low-pressure process vaporizers are best used in applications that require boiling temperatures that range between 0°C and -50°C. Systems are built with a bundle design that is uniquely able to handle thermal stresses that are generated by high MTD.

Flare vaporizers vaporize fluid upstream of gas flares. The vaporizers operate near atmospheric pressure in conjunction with a user’s overhead flare drum. The system is fed via thermosiphon flow. In ethylene services, the vaporizer operates at approximately -101°C. Flare superheaters are designed to operate neat atmospheric pressure gases (as low as -73°C).

We also design and build bayonet vaporizers and scrape surface heat exchangers.


We are known for more than just supercritical fluid heaters and scraped surface heat exchangers, We offer a wider range of solutions to meet the unique and growing demands of our customers. Give us a call today!Related Reading