Armstrong Chemtec proudly fulfills cryogenic applications by offering a variety of superheaters and horizontal direct steam heated vaporizers. Our unique designs have been proven to eliminate problems associated with freeze-ups . Typically, problems occur for boiling and sensible heating of fluids when temperatures reach as low as -190°C. It is common to find our equipment being an integral part of olefin processing services.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
Our continuous scraped surface heat exchangers have double pipe elements that are primarily used in duties that require viscous cooling and cooling crystallizations duties.

These machines fall into one of three different critical applications. These include:

Flare Vaporizers: these vaporize work by vaporizing fluids upstream of a gas flare. The devices commonly operate close too atmospheric pressure that is in conjunction with the user’s existing overhead flare drum. They are fed via a thermosiphon flow. Typically, a flare vaporizer (in ethylene service) operates at approximately -101°C. A flare superheater heats near atmospheric pressure gases that go as low as -73°C. They also accommodate low allowable pressure drops. They are most commonly used upstream of a gas flare.

High-Pressure Vaporizers: these are used to replace supplement feeds to all downstream processing units. The vaporizers can go from an idle state to full capacity instantly. These levels of speed significantly minimize feed interruption to the downstream. Cold process fluids enter ammonia vaporizers under high pressure.


Low-Pressure Process Vaporizers: these are most suited for applications that have boiling temperatures (0°C through -45°C). The vaporizer is constructed with a bundle design that uniquely handles thermal stresses that are engendered by high MTD. You can also contact us about scraped surface heat exchangers.