Our continuous scraped surface heat exchangers have double pipe elements that are primarily used in duties that require viscous cooling and cooling crystallizations duties. In the device, heat transfers across inner pipe walls as coolant flows between the inner and outer pipe (annulus) with the process fluid. Outer tubes can be as big as 16” NPS, whereas internal pipes range between 6” and 12” NPS. Commercial installations typically consist of multiple double pipe elements that are connected in series—each element is roughly 20 to 50 ft. long. We also specialize in Bayonet vaporizers.

Scraped Surface Heat ExchangersArmstrong Heaters, Armstrong's vertical bayonet design and direct electric vaporizers provide an on-demand supply of ammonia vapor for specific applications.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Scraped surface heat exchangers (double pipe) are commonly used as crystallizers by cooling products that have lower freezing points than other products inside the mixture. This type of cooling generates crystals that achieve purity close to 100%. These devices are also commonly used as viscous coolers that are responsible for controlling the temperature and viscosity levels of exothermic fluids. Also, our exchangers are used, almost universally, to help with the solvent dewaxing process.

Our systems offer users many advantages when compared to standard crystallization methods. Some of these benefits include:

  • The design of the machine lessens shear stress on all delicate crystals. At the same time, it is rugged enough to deal with tough crystals
  • Our designs can handle higher MTDS than tube and shell equipment
  • Our exchangers are designed to not clog for extended periods (between hot washing)
  • Modular designs offer scalability that accounts for changes in process requirements
  • Smooth transition from batch to continuous process because of a near plug flow profile

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