Ammonia or NH3, is named after the Ammonians, worshipers of the Egyptian god Amun, who used ammonium chloride in their rituals. Previously, ammonia was called spirit of hartshorn in English, as it was distilled from the nitrogen-rich horns and hooves of animals.

Armstrong designs and builds NH3 Vaporizers by heating Ammonia using steam, electric or thermal fluid heat sources. NH3 boils at −33.34 °C (−28.012 °F) at a pressure of one atmosphere, so the liquid Ammonia must be stored under pressure or at low temperature. The Ammonia is usually pressurized or refrigerated anhydrous liquid ammonia transported in tank cars or cylinders and stored as a liquid and used in the manufacture of fertilizer and other industrial products.  It is classified as an extremely hazardous substance in the United States. Armstrong Ammonia Vaporizers are used to vaporize and superheat process Ammonia from 50 lbs. an hour to 20 tons an hour.  Units may be horizontal or vertical.


Armstrong has over 50 years; experience supplying vaporizers for users processing Ammonia, and Chlorine and Phosgene and many other lethal duty substances.  Vaporizers may be Skid mounted with controls. Vaporizers may be direct electric heated horizontal or inclined.  Vaporizers may be used as transfer heaters to move product from storage to a downstream reactor. Armstrong Chemtec can provide you with solutions for your Ammonia UOP vaporizer processes.  Armstrong Vaporizers are designed for maximum safety, performance and longevity and can be supplied to all Pressure Vessel Codes including Korea the EU, India, and China. Manufactured in the USA and the United Kingdom. We also deal with scraped surface heat exchangers.