Scrape surface heat exchangers (SSHE) are used in processes including for high viscosity and fouling fluids and for numerous continuous cooling crystallization processes.


Armstrong Chemtec scraped surface heat exchangers are double pipe elements designed to cool a mixture to generate the production of Crystals through Continuous Cooling of the mixture. We can answer questions on supercritical fluid heaters, UOP vaporizers and scraped surface heat exchangers.

Armstrong Chemtec continuous scraped surface crystallizers offer many advantages over other continuous crystallization methods:

  • The modular design provides scalability to account for changes in process requirements
  • The scrapers are designed to run for extended periods between hot washings without clogging
  • Fouling tendencies of some slurries are overcome by the continuous scraping of the heat transfer surface
  • The design is capable of handling higher MTDs than shell and tube equipment
  • Operating temperatures range from -70 to +250 Celsius
  • Weight percent solids as high as 65% have been handled
  • Can handle process fluids with viscosities above 10,000 cP.
  • Near plug flow profile allows for easy transition from batch to continuous process
  • Scraped surface crystallizers are cost-effective for larger installations where vacuum crystallization may seem attractive
  • The design minimizes shear stress on delicate crystals but is rugged enough to handle tough crystals
  • Simple, self-contained construction eliminated the need for excessive instrumentation, condensers, vacuum systems, etc.