Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Double Pipe Scraped Surface Crystallizers from Armstrong Chemtec Group are largely used to separate crystals from an organic slurry.  Typically inorganics are separated using vacuum crystallization. However, there are exceptions whereby using Armstrong continuous cooling Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers, inorganics and especially inorganic Salts can be separated out very effectively.  These inorganic Salts may be required to be high purity for resale or downstream chemical use, or they may be taken as unwanted products and disposed of such as sodium cyanide Crystals removed from continuous Plating Bath Solutions.  More and more, chemical applications demand high purity of Salts from Brine.  New technologies call for the application of traditionally proven crystallization. A few examples of the hundreds of Chemicals that have been processed using Armstrong Scraped Surface Crystallizers include but are not limited to the following organics and inorganics:

Anthracene ∙ Anthraquinone ∙ Benzene Hexachloride ∙ Benzoic Acid ∙ Bisphenol A ∙ Butyl Cresol ∙ Butyric Acid ∙ Caffeine ∙ Calcium Nitrate ∙ Caprolactam ∙ Cyanoacetamide ∙ Dibutyl Cresol ∙ Diglycerides ∙ Dimethyl Terephthalate ∙ Fatty Acids ∙ Lactose ∙ Laurolactam ∙ Levulinic Acid ∙ Menthol ∙ Methionine ∙ Monoglycerides ∙ Naphthalene ∙ Nitrochlorobenzene ∙ Oligomers ∙ Palm/Palm Kernel Fats ∙ Paracresol ∙ Paradichlorobenzene ∙ Paraxylene ∙ Pentaerythritol ∙ Potassium Chloride ∙ Potassium Nitrate ∙ Sebacic Acid ∙ Silver Nitrate ∙ Sodium Carbonate ∙ Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ∙ Sodium Sulfate ∙ Sorbic Acid ∙ Sterols ∙ Tall Oil Fatty Acids ∙ Tallow Fatty Acids ∙ Tetrachlorobenzene ∙ Tetramethyl Benzene ∙ Vitamins - Chlorides and Carbonates and saline extraction applications feature in the more than 360 applications Armstrong Chemtec has worked with over the past 70 years.

Armstrong Chemtec offers Pilot Plant Rental so customers may perform testing in their own Companies to determine crystal growth, residence time, color pick-up, morphology and purification parameters. 

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