We have been in the heat transfer equipment industry since Richard M. Armstrong opened our business in 1946. Although first starting as a refrigeration condenser supplier, we have slowly shifted and grown. We now pioneer vaporizers and double pipe heat exchangers. We are continuing to build our services and products.
We carry a full line of heat transfer systems to be employed in commercial usage. We sell different variations of devices so that our clients can effectively fulfill their specific applications. Our products include:

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
We offer armstrong heaters, supercritical fluid heaters and more.

  • Finned Tubes
  • Modular Systems
  • Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
  • Electric Heaters
  • Cryogenic Vaporizers
  • Vertical vaporizers
  • IBEX Automated Wax Moulding System

We all carry spare parts for our systems so that machines can be repaired and used for extended periods of times.
Our services and products are trusted throughout the world. Although our headquarters is in Coatesville, PA, we have offices and facilities worldwide. We have facilities in

  • Houston, TX
  • Singapore, China
  • And more


Considering the options available to you and your business, it is best to first speak with professionals prior making purchases. If you call any of our facilities worldwide, our talented and respectful team can help you navigate the confusing field of heat transfer systems, like with vertical vaporizers and cryogenic vaporizers. Call us today.