Armstrong acquires SoliQz

Armstrong Chemtec Group, the Process Heat Transfer Specialist, has acquired SoliQz B.V., which adds a further step of Ultra Purification and compliments the benefits of Armstrong – Chemtec's continuous crystallization equipment which has been developed and proven for over 50 years in the process industry.

SoliQz B.V. was established to commercialize the Hydraulic Wash Column (HWC) for a broad range of solid/liquid separation applications. 15 years of intense technology development at TNO in the Netherlands have proven that the HWC technology works at lab-scale for a wide range of compounds. This technology has been successfully scaled-up to pilot and industrial scale. By creating a dedicated organization around the HWC technology Armstrong and SoliQZ see many more opportunities in the purification of bulk chemicals, bio-based monomers and polymers as well as broad range of specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. Watch the video and then call us for details.

Spare Parts / Aftermarket Equipment Office now in Houston

Matthew Clark P.E. is our Technical Sales Engineer and services Armstrong's refinery, petrochemical and process industry customers in North America. Matt has held engineering positions in production facilities and engineering firms and has 15 years experience in technical sales to the oil and gas and chemical industries. All aftermarket and Inspection / Repair work now comes under the Houston Office.

Matthew is now managing our office from Houston and concentrating on the sale of spare parts. He also provides customers with plans for reducing outages and down time due to unexpected operational issues. Our business has grown rapidly since the advent of shale gas technology and customers frequently consult us on maximizing their on-line time and efficiency of e.g. scraped surface heat exchangers and electric heaters. We are happy to assist with planning regular scheduled maintenance advisories for our equipment. Increasingly, plant managers are seeking to maximize revenue and are operating equipment at their limits. Planned maintenance can reduce the loss factors greatly.

Contact Matt at our Houston Office

Email:; Phone: +1 484 631 6731; Skype: mdc-wc

Unique LNG Vaporizer Design

Armstrong Chemtec Group is now offering an upgraded design of its ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) LNG Vaporizers. Following on from work done in developing Oxygen and Nitrogen vaporizers in the 1970s, Armstrong has recently launched an upgraded design especially for LNG, incorporating a number of unique process design differences from conventional LNG Vaporizers which could cut the cost of installation and operation dramatically. Please contact us for further information on

Ibex Automated Wax Moulding Systems with AccuFreeze Technology Now Available

Ibex Automated Wax Moulding Systems with AccuFreeze Technology are now available from Chemtec UK Limited.

Chemtec UK Limited is the successor to the internationally recognized APV Parafreeze and has experience of many years of working within the oil refining industry where wax moulding bespoke designed solutions give efficient and reliable service. Chemtec UK now offers this specialist equipment from engineering, to supply and installation of integrated systems that control the temperature and deposition rates of food grade wax products, efficiently and effectively. Working closely with Fortune 500 customers we have developed solutions to deliver the required throughput without compromising the quality of the products. Chemtec UK Ltd.'s automatic wax cooling systems take liquid wax from bulk storage tank temperatures typically up to 180ºC and deliver exact weight 5kg solid slabs of paraffin wax. Each block will have a maximum equalized temperature of 30ºC after the cooling process. Utilizing modern processing technology means that every kilo of wax produced can be sold with the knowledge that both accuracy and product consistency are achieved. The system is flexible to allow different weight slabs to be produced and to be packed in different configurations. Email or call Chemtec UK Limited on +44 1505 502 206.

Agent Opportunities

We are still seeking qualified agents/representatives in Vietnam, Philippines, Australia and the Caspian Region.

Any interested parties please email

Armstrong Engineering Associates Inc. is Employee Owned

Armstrong Engineering Associates, Inc. is an employee owned company. Founded in 1946 by Richard M Armstrong Sr., today Armstrong Engineering Associates, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of proprietary heat transfer equipment used in the refinery, chemical and petrochemical industries. Family owned for over 60 years, in 2011 a new chapter began in both the ownership and organic growth of the company.

We believe that Quality, Safety, Performance and Longevity to be crucial aspects of our equipment and customer relations are paramount in making and keeping customers. When the Armstrong family decided to sell the company, it seemed like the logical choice to offer the company to the employees who have made Armstrong Engineering one of the world's premier providers of specialty heat transfer equipment. With great enthusiasm the employees accepted the Armstrong family's Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Since all employees now have a vested interest in the success of the company, Armstrong Engineering is poised for even greater growth in the future. Not only do we have extensive worldwide manufacturing facilities, but more importantly, we have the experienced personnel to take us into the future. Our current management team has been with Armstrong Engineering for a combined 100+ years, and is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction.

A good number of our other employees have also worked here for many years and regard their positions as a craft which has been passed down from generation to generation. Our company mission is to continue the Armstrong legacy of providing our clients with exceptionally engineered, incomparably manufactured, and finest quality solutions to their most difficult heat transfer needs.