Scraped Surface Heat ExchangersAbout the Equipment

  • Electric Process Heaters and Control Panels are process-critical and relatively expensive capital equipment.
  • Scores of Operators have invested significant CAPEX in Armstrong-Chemtec Electric Heaters and related equipment.
  • Process Plants require a clearly defined and budgeted OPEX plan which includes investing in capital SPARE PARTS, but few Operators have one.
  • Armstrong-Chemtec Electric Heaters are designed for 24/7 operation and for over 100,000 hours of operation…but operational costs are often ignored when they can and should be managed.

Why Plan for the Lowest Cost of Ownership?

  • The lowest “Cost of Ownership” planning provides:
    • Real-time projected budgets for continuous operation and planned TAR/maintenance.
    • Assures optimum on line operational uptime by anticipating unplanned events.
    • Minimizes Unit production losses due to unexpected equipment outages.
  • Reduces costly off line losses. Failure to manage the “Cost of Ownership” can result in substantial production losses and necessitate the expedited purchase of long delivery items in the event of:
    • Unit failures are due to neglecting warning signs.
    • Operational upsets. Poor operation of the process or process upsets may result in rendering a unit inoperable.  Plants that run make money; plants that don’t, cost money!
    • Lack of preventative measures, including stocking electric eater Bundles and Control Panel Spare Parts, indicates poor attention to installed equipment in the event of severe weather events.
    • Unknown events. Over time, the “throw the switch and ignore it” strategy may result in reduced efficiency, cause serious hazards, reduce life expectancy, and lead to long off-line time and unplanned outages.  Outage costs can quickly exceed the cost of inventoried Spare Parts.
  • Avoids the need for costly expedited replacement heaters. Expedited orders typically have a cost premium and custom made equipment delivery time is always longer than desired especially now due to supply chain issues.
  • “Lowest Cost of Ownership” planning meets the planning goals of Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers, Budgetary Planners, and Plant Engineering Projects.

How to Manage for the “Lowest Cost of Ownership”

  • Check your Spares inventory on long lead items and DO IT NOW. Waiting delays the deliverables and greatly increases the “Cost of Ownership”.
  • To discuss a suitable plan ***  for your Plant, contact: Peter Watson Regional Sales manager NACS

*** A customized plan for your individual equipment will be offered.  Including Electrical Control Panels Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers, Continuous cooling Crystallizers, and Vaporizers.

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