Impedance heaterUnderstanding the nuances of crystallization and purification can be daunting. Below, we have compiled a small list of questions that we are frequently asked. We hope that the answers can help you pick UOP vaporizers and impedance heaters.

How does the process work? As you cool down chemical mixtures, the lowest solubility component will start to form crystals. The regular structure of the crystals does not fit with impurities or other components, and so those impurities will form in the remaining liquid. Then, the impurities on the crystal’s surface are removed. This process allows for purity that is higher than 99%. All this is done in a single step process.

Is the high purity process commonly used? It is a newer technology, and over the last 15 plus years, the process must spread. 50+ chemicals are made with this process, and that list is growing.

What can undergo melt crystallization? It is estimated that roughly 450 compounds can undergo the process of melt crystallization. Some substances are more suitable than others. We can help you determine whether your product is suited for this process.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Our talented team can help answer any other questions that you have regarding this method. We can also answer questions on UOP vaporizers, impedance heaters and scraped surface heat exchangers.